The exhibition BAU offers you the opportunity to discover innovations and new developments on site and to have our employees advise you.
The system forster unico XS or forster omnia are just two of the many innovations at our exhibition stand.


  • forster fuego light fire resistant sliding doors EI30 with smoke protection S200
  • forster omnia the multifunction talent
  • forster unico themally insulated fire resistant doors EI30
  • forster thermfix vario Hi for Passive-House-Constructions
  • forster unico XS unique slimness
  • forster fuego light fire-resistant doors with burglary resistance RC2 and RC3
  • forster fuego light fire-resistant panels

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fire-rated doors and screens in steel and stainless steel

Fire-protection sliding door forster fuego light. In event of fire the drive closes the fire zone by means of an integrated battery pack. Closure takes place at a controlled force limit and reduced closing speed with decoupled radar detectors.

Material options
steel and stainless steel

Approved variants
1 leaf door max. inside width 1380 × 2500 mm
2 leaf door max. inside width 2600 × 2500 mm


Performance specifications
fire-resistance EI30
combination with smoke-protection


  System properties
  no continuous threshold (barrier-free)
  automatic opening in daily use
  leaf weight depends on the drive manufacturer

  with escape route funcion
  with smoke protection S200




profile system for thermally insulated doors and windows in steel


Strong thermal insulation with fire safety, burglary or bullet resistance? Whatever need you have, the forster omnia integral profile systems fulfil a wide range of requirements and functions.

The unique patented design enables tailored modular solutions for internal and external application. The slender forster omnia profiles made of 100% stainless steel without additional plastic or aluminium insulators are especially long-lasting, sustainable and environmentally-friendly, because they are fully recyclable.

Burglary resistance up to RC3, fire protection EI30 and bullet resistance
Bullet resistance up to FB4 thermally insulated

Standardised performance specifications
All performance specifications for exterior doors (EN14351) and fire protection(EN16034) fulfilled.


Slim facing widths correspond to the current architectural trend
Plates in steel and stainless steel
Easy integration of fittings and electrification thanks to open insulator


The profile is 100 % recyclable made of 100 % steel


Sound insulation
up to 48 Rw dB, depending on glass choice


Easy processing
Quick integration of fittings (clamped, screwed or welded) thanks to openinsulator
Conversion of doors easily possible thanks to simple cabling and interchangeablelocking systems


Forster standard fittings


Construction depth
Outdoor application 85 mm




Forster unico XS is a system addition that provides thermal insulated window elements and fixed glazing with ultra-slim facings. At the same time, it opens up a diversity of applications. This applies to the numerous opening variations as well as the possibility of installing fillings up to 60 mm to achieve very low U values and excellent sound insulation values. 

The unique profile design made of 100% steel is ideally suited for renovating old buildings.

Material options
Bright steel and continuously galvanised steel

Face width
Single and double vent casements from 55 mm
Fixed glazing from 23 mm


Tested casement sizes up to 1240×2480 mm (W×H)


Opening variations
Concealed system for both single and double casements of side-hung and turn / tilt windows for casement weight up to max. 150 kg
NEW: outward opening swing wings


Performance specifications
Thermal insulation: Uw-values up to 0.9 W/(m2·K), fixed glazings up to 0.80 W/(m2·K)
Filling elements up to 60 mm (triple insulation glazing)
Burglary-resistance RC2
Enhanced tightness from three circumferential sealing layers





Logo forster thermfix vario Hi

The new system forster thermfix vario Hi offers excellent heat insulation Uf-value ≥ 0.49 W/(m2∙K) at passive-house level in the phA class.

Since this profile system is based on the standard mullion and transome construction from forster thermfix vario, many components can be used system-wide. This guarantees an identical appearance of the facade, particularly for buildings with different requirements, such as burglary resistance or fire protection within prescribed areas.

You can find ideal combination elements in the system forster unico and forster unico XS. For example, for heat-insulated windows and doors.

Material options
Steel, stainless steel, grinded, grain 220-240

Performance specifications
Thermal insulation: Uf-value ≥ 0.49 W/(m2∙K)
Resistance to wind load acc. to EN 12179: 3 kN, safety load 4.5 kN
Rain impermeability according to EN 12155: RE1350
Air permeability according to EN 12153: AE (>600)
Impact resistance according to EN 14019: E5 / I5


System properties
Extremely slender width 45 mm, individual profile design and surface treatment
NEW: Aluminium pressure strips for convenient, efficient installation
NEW: Tools for positioning the clamping feet and seals with markings




fire-rated doors and screens in steel and stainless steel

If fire-protection doors and glazings have to meet increased demands in terms of safety and security, the forster fuego light RC3 solution will provide suitable protection for your building: EI30 for doors, EI30/EI60 for glazings.

The new solution offers various options and can be constructed for example with a self-locking safety multiple lock or absolutely barrier-free without threshold.


Door EI30
Glazing EI30/EI60
Sheetmetal door EI30
Metal panels EI30
Barrier-free access

Material options

Steel and stainless steel


Free passage 1-leaf max. 1400×2500 mm 
Free passage 2-leaf max. 2830×2500 mm